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Get the brand new CD now -

Get the brand new CD now

I am very excited to share this CD with you all!!!!  My longtime friend, Donnie Castleman, and I have been working on this project for a year.  We had tons of fun recording it, hope you enjoy!!!!!


"Plunk Live!" (2003)

CD Highly energetic female singer/songwriter. This is a live cd including the Carol Plunk Band.

"Wanna Get Plunked?" (2005)

CD If you wanna get plunked, you must check out the newest CD release from singer/songwriter Carol Plunk. This acoustic driven CD has a rock edge that will definetely have you at the edge of your seat.
Live At One More (2003) - CD

Live At One More (2003)

CD This CD, "Live At One More" was recorded live 10/19/03 at a little bar in Memphis, TN called One More! It's acoustic, me and the guitar and the crowd!

Plunkin' Around The Christmas Tree is here!

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