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Carol Plunk: Press

Carol Plunk – “Wanna Get Plunked?” – This Tennessee native was born a rocker. With fire hot vocals and bolt lightening guitar playing, you would honestly think you could smell the smoke rising from her guitar. The intense, bold flavor this CD holds will please any rock fan. She has everything from the devastating pain felt in heartbreak to the joy of finding a newfound love. The whole CD is filled with a diverse sound, proving that this hard-core rocker can approach music from any angle. She adds in a bit of country tang to songs like “Race Horse” but then has the ability to switch gears on the track in songs like “Closer” where she slows it down in this beautiful love song. Yes, you definitely want to get “Plunked” with Carol’s latest release!
CHT Pick: "Down" Reviewed by Heather Corcoran
Artist website:
"Carol Plunk posses a special magic that is rare in the music business these days. She pours her heart and soul into her latest released, "Wanna Get Plunked?", dispensing out energy that is reminiscent of early Melissa Etheridge. What makes this CD a stand out is Plunk's powerful lyrics side by side with great music that you can listen to over and over for hours."
Madalyn Sklar -
"Your work certainly stands out from the crowd! We get MANY submissions and carefully screen our artists that we feature. We were quite impressed with the material offered. We love your work! Keep the faith, you are a "can't miss."
Wesley Clark -
"Plunk in particular is not to be missed. She's the one you really, really want to see. She was in town this past June, and it was her first time in Houston, and she had the crowd on their feet in front of the stage for the whole set. It was pretty amazing."
John Nova Lomax - The Houston Press
"This passionate performer is a star. Carol is such an inspiring and accomplished guitar player, you just have to see and hear her to believe how good she is. Heart and soul are what Carol Plunk puts into every note that she whispers or roars during her sets. This girl is a rock star waiting to happen."
Nancy Apple - Digital City