Meet Carol Plunk

What makes a great artist a great musician? A blend of talent and charisma. a boatload of natural musical ability mixed with go-to-sound. Meet a first rate example of a great artist and musician - Carol J. Plunk

Born with music in her blood and rock in her soul, Carol explored her musical talent early by joining in, self taught, on bluegrass jam sessions. At fifteen, she formed her first band, "Revelation," which performed locally and won several competitions. In 1994, Carol and a former Revelation band mate combined their talents into a female duo known as "The Belle Curves." After releasing a self titled CD in 1995, The Belle Curves hit the road performing in nightclubs across the U. S. and sold thousands of CD's that have become collector's items. With more talent than the twosome could contain, Carol broke out of the duo in 1996. She has since released numerous independent CD's, all of which received notable airplay from radio stations as well as were featured in several magazines and publications.

Her sound is all her own, and her cult following demonstrates just how broad her music's appeal is. A native of Tennessee, Carol has made a name for herself in Memphis, the birthplace of rock and roll. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences presented Carol with the 2000 Premier Player "Newcomer of the Year" award, and she was a nominee in the 2002 "Female Vocalist of the Year" category.

Breaking into more national markets, in September 2002 she performed on the Food Network program, "Food Nation with Bobby Flay." The program originally aired in February 2003 for more than 20 million viewers across the nation, and the show's soundtrack featured music from her 2001 CD release titled, "A Piece of Me" throughout the entire show. Notable performances include the 1996 Summer Olympics, Invasion of the GoGirls SXSW Showcase in Austin, TX and the Memphis In May Beale Street Music Festival attended by 175,000 people.

What makes a great rock star? Check out Carol Plunk, and find out!


1995 "The Belle Curves"

1996 "Carol Plunk"

1998 "Plunk This!"

2001 "A Piece Of Me"

2003 "Plunk Live!"

2003 "Live At One More"

2005 "Wanna Get Plunked?"

2007 "Odds and Ends"

2016 "Let The Living Begin"

2019 "Plunkin' Around The Christmas Tree"